Shipping WA Beer from Sea to Shining Sea

A company to consider if you’re looking for beer to sample: a brewery that ships nation wide. Please check how they ship and how if mght affect you: some states vary in their rules and maybe your state might have a problem, the Feds can be picky and if they ship by telling the company something else is in the carton that could be problematic for ALL!


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American Brewing Company is now selling its beer online and shipping it across the country. There’s more to it than that, but the short version is that you can now send a case of Breakaway IPA to Uncle Bubba in Bakersfield or to Aunt Wilma in Walla Walla. You can also send a case of Caboose Oatmeal Stout, American Blond, or a mixed case of all three. is the website making this possible. is a site dedicated to selling and shipping beer. At this time, American Brewing and Diamond Knot Brewing are the only Washington breweries selling beer on We provide an invitation code below which allows you quickly set up a profile at and check things out for yourself.
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