The Beer Nut: Big Plans a Brewin’ in the Bay State

Written by Norman Miller for

Massachusetts had one of its best beer years in anyone’s memory in 2011, so it is going to be hard to top in 2012, buts several Bay State breweries have some big plans for the new year. This week, we’ll take a look at what some breweries will be doing in 2012.

The Boston Beer Company, the brewers of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, has many new beers planned and a change for one of its existing beers.

In the spring, Samuel Adams will introduce its new seasonal, Alpine Spring, which is described as an unfiltered lager with “bright floral and citrus notes.” The Noble Pils, which has been the spring seasonal, will become a year-round beer beginning in March.

Also being introduced later this year will be the Whitewater IPA, which is a “fusion’’ style of beer – it has both the attributes of a Belgian-style white ale and an IPA.

The new Brewer’s Choice beer, which was chosen by a vote of Samuel Adams fans, will be the Mighty Oak Ale, which will be available in the new Brewer’s Choice mixed 12-pack.

Finally, Samuel Adams will introduce two new Single Batch series beers. They will be the Dark Depths, which is a Baltic porter, and the Cinder Bock, which is a smoky double bock.

The Cambridge Brewing Company, which started bottling its beers for the first time in 2011, has planned new beers for the new year, including Sgt. Pepper, a farmhouse ale brewed with peppercorns, Weekapuag Gruit, Heather Ale, Mind Left Body and Red God.
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