Great American Bites: Food for beer lovers at Amato’s

Written by Larry Olmsted for

The scene: The Ale House at Amato’s is the logical conclusion of Denver’s quarter-century love affair with all things beer. In 1988, citizen John Hickenlooper fought to change state law and succeeded in opening Colorado’s very first brewpub here, the Wynkoop brewery. Denver has been obsessed with beer ever since. Hickenlooper’s resulting popularity helped propel him into public office, first as Denver’s mayor, and currently as Colorado’s governor – the first brewer turned governor since Samuel Adams in 1793. Today Denver is chock full of breweries and beer pubs, and more than 200 new taps were added last year alone. There are over 60 breweries in the hopped-up triangle of Denver, Boulder and Ft. Collins, including Coors, the world’s largest. More than 200 different varieties are brewed here, the city is home to the Great American Beer Festival, listed in the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest, and the greater Denver metro area brews more than any other U.S. city.
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