Craft Beers for Your Next Powder Day

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It’s no secret, most everyone knows that the winter of 2011-2012 has been brutal for many. Small businesses are hurting from the poor ski conditions over the holidays and ski resorts are scrambling to attract tourists. But last weekend, the powder gods arrived and the snow was falling. Some lucky resorts saw feet of fresh snow and some ski areas couldn’t even completely open because of the historic storm.

There’s just something about the combination of craft beer and skiing towns. Don’t believe me? Even Skiing Magazine is paying attention to the trend. This year they’ve introduced an interactive Ski Country Brew Finder to help all the ski bums out there find great craft beer while enjoying the slopes.

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Pakistan’s Murree Brewery Thrives Despite Muslim Laws

Murree Brewery bottling line. (Photo: Laura Lynch)

Written by Layra Lynch for

Pakistan can be a land of contradictions. And here’s one that has some of the nation’s Muslims crying into their beer.

Well, they might be if they were allowed to drink beer. Pakistan bans alcohol for Muslims – who represent 97 percent of the population.

But get this. There’s a brewery and distillery not far from the capital of Islamabad. A brewery that’s doing a booming business.

To get there, you have to navigate the checkpoints in the city of Rawalpindi, a place better known for its mix of mosques and military installations. First, you can smell it – the unmistakably yeasty scent of brewing hops.
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