Ale Ice Cream with Espresso, Walnut, Brownies and Coconut

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(Just in time for Valentine’s day!-PGA)

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 1 hour

Beer Style: Other

Seasonality: Other

Serves: Makes about 1 quart

The Beerista busts out the ice cream maker for a delicious boozy treat. This to die for chocolate ice cream has espresso, walnut, brownie bits and coconut mixed in. It would make a perfect ending to a Valentine’s Day dinner… hint, hint!
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Chocolate Beer for Valentine’s Day: Kansas City Falls in Love

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It was the beer that drove Kansas City crazy.

The storefront signs, plastered all over town on handwritten scraps of notebook paper or on sidewalk chalkboards, came in two stages this week. First was: WE DO NOT HAVE ANY BOULEVARD CHOCOLATE ALE YET. In most cases, they were followed hours later by: WE ARE OUT OF BOULEVARD CHOCOLATE ALE.

The Boulevard Brewing Co., whose famous smokestack-topped brewery is in Kansas City, Mo., teamed up with local chocolatier Christopher Elbow to create the Chocolate Ale specially for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s not unusual for beer companies to be closely tied to the cities in which they’re based, the ensuing mania seems to be a phenomenon bred purely out of the nature of today’s smaller-scale era of beer-making.

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