Green Report: Don’t Frack with Our Beer

Written by Abram Goldman-Armstrong for Ale Street News. Ommegang picture courtesy

Located on 147 acres in rural New York, Brewery Ommegang, makes fine Belgian-inspired ales with water from three wells on their land. It’s an idyllic, pastoral, setting in which to brew beers reminiscent of the Belgian abbey tradition. Soon, however, the brewery’s water supply may be under the threat of contamination.
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Chocolate Fail: Some Boulevard Brew Has ‘Unwanted Flavor’

Has been described by some as a vegetal green pea like taste. Could be DMS? Something about those bottles and sanitation that failed? We had a story on this beer a few days ago here at PGA. Since there’s such a demand this has got to hurt them financially, but the approach seems wise.

Written by Scott Canon for The Kansas City Star

Maybe the reason you didn’t care for the much-hyped Boulevard Chocolate Ale had nothing to do with your palate. And everything to do with the beer.

Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Co. decided to offer refunds on a limited number of batches — up to a third of the bottles of chocolate ale sold — that the brewery said didn’t meet its standards.

“Some of the batches of Chocolate Ale have an unwanted flavor that we really did not anticipate to have in the beer,” Boulevard’s brewmaster Steven Pauwels said in a YouTube clip posted Wednesday.
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A Beer Lover’s Trip of a Lifetime

Written by the Staff at German-American Committee of Greater New York

Note: interesting trip offer, with a few errors in the text. For example: Schwartzbier is NOT “dark Stout,” but a lager that is more closely related to Munich Dunkel. Stout normally IS “dark.”

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2012 — /PRNewswire-iReach/ — With more than 1,300 active breweries, Germany is arguably the greatest beer country in the world. Millions of beer drinkers travel to Munich´s legendary Oktoberfest every year, and many monasteries in Bavaria have been brewing for hundreds of years. Passionate imbibers appreciate Germany for its revered purity laws, its traditional brews as well as the multitude of brewing styles resulting in distinct flavors in different regions all over the country. In May, the “German Beer Trip” will take beer lovers on a two-week-trip through many of these regions.

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