Jumbo-sized potent beer pulled from Alberta shelves

Jumbo-sized potent beer pulled from Alta. shelves

Wasn’t there ANY OTHER WAY Alberta and the brewer could have solved this? Small bottles? We had this problem in the 70s with malt liquors that were heavily advertised in African American communities- The Professor

A pilot alcohol awareness campaign developed by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service Neighbourhood Empowerment Team has prompted Molson Coors Canada to stop distributing the Black Label Big 10 beer in Edmonton, Alberta.

Written by Tanara McLean for The Toronto Sun

EDMONTON¬†–¬†Molson Coors Canada has yanked one of its most popular products off Alberta shelves in an effort to cap crime.

The liquor giant will no longer supply Alberta alcohol stores with its jumbo sized 1.18-litre beer, saying the move could help cut violence spurred by alcohol addiction.

“As our (founder) John Molson said back in 1825, we’re all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part,” said Molson Coors Canada spokesman Andrew Stordeur.

The beer has a proof of 10.1% — double that of regular beer.
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