When Brewers Gather Together to Brew: A Brew Session Report

Kevin: a man in love with a great system. But as brewers we tend to be in love with great brew systems. We know the… drill.-Ken

Editor’s note: this was passed on to The Professor by our own Ken Carman. Welcome to Music City Brewers who click the link in The Brew-Score to see “the full report.” Ken has also added a note here and there. For homebrewers brewing has become an occasional communal experience where more heads can make a better brew, and a fun time! Brewing is, if nothing else, a creative endeavor.- The Professor

Written by Kevin Jones for The Brew-Score

Ed Wildermouth, Pat Bush, Ken Johnson, Julieann Kapelan, Patrick and I brewed a Belgian Wit (Wit Your Whistle) during the February MCB meeting. I included a text version of the recipe below.

I had some excellent help that day from our five MCB members. They were interested in learning more about transitioning to all grain brewing so I was happy they took me up on my offer to do a joint brew.

Brew day went great. We (I) had the usual amount of oops moments. Such as… while explaining how the malt husk-supplied enzymes would convert the flaked grains, I realized that we (I) had forgot to add the flaked grains to the mash! No problem, we were only a few minutes into the mash, so a quick add and another 45 minute wait for conversion. Our target was 20 gallons at an OG of 1.055. We got 20 gallons at 1.054. Gotta love the ProMash program.
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