Jumbo-sized potent beer pulled from Alberta shelves

Jumbo-sized potent beer pulled from Alta. shelves

Wasn’t there ANY OTHER WAY Alberta and the brewer could have solved this? Small bottles? We had this problem in the 70s with malt liquors that were heavily advertised in African American communities- The Professor

A pilot alcohol awareness campaign developed by the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service Neighbourhood Empowerment Team has prompted Molson Coors Canada to stop distributing the Black Label Big 10 beer in Edmonton, Alberta.

Written by Tanara McLean for The Toronto Sun

EDMONTON – Molson Coors Canada has yanked one of its most popular products off Alberta shelves in an effort to cap crime.

The liquor giant will no longer supply Alberta alcohol stores with its jumbo sized 1.18-litre beer, saying the move could help cut violence spurred by alcohol addiction.

“As our (founder) John Molson said back in 1825, we’re all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part,” said Molson Coors Canada spokesman Andrew Stordeur.

The beer has a proof of 10.1% — double that of regular beer.
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Yazoo “Fortuitous”…A Conversation With Linus Hall

Readers at PGA may remember this Nashville-based brewery from a Ken Carman column about a year ago. This beer is about to be released this weekend. For further information please click… HERE.

Written by Brandon Jones for embracethefunk.com

About 9 years ago when I was first learning to brew I remember hearing about this new brewery planning to open in Nashville. A guy I worked with knew I liked good beer so he told me about his buddy Linus who also knew how to brew beer. Well he happened to be the guy who was opening the new brewery called Yazoo. A few months later I remember meeting Linus and trying his beer for the first time at The Music City Brewers Festival. Chit chatting with him at the festival I remember thinking what a nice guy he was to give me some brewing tips and to take time for beer chat. Fast forward to 2011…while much has changed like Yazoo outgrowing their old location at the Marathon Motorworks building or the fact you can order a Yazoo at almost any restaurant in Nashville, one thing that hasn’t changed is Linus still makes the time to sit a chat about beer. I’ve been fortunate enough to follow Yazoo from the beginning and in 2009 even brew a batch of beer on their system for a taproom only release. 
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A Bronx Priest Walks Into a Local Brewery…and Decides to Grow Hops for Them in His Parish Garden

 	The Reverend Andrew O'Connor of Holy Family Church in Castle Hill has a new endeavor: growing hops in the churchyard to make a Bronx beer. He is in the churchyard displaying growler bottles, which seal in carbonation.  

The Reverend Andrew O’Connor of Holy Family Church in Castle Hill has a new endeavor: growing hops in the churchyard to make a Bronx beer. He is in the churchyard displaying growler bottles, which seal in carbonation.

Written by Corinne Lestch for The New York Daily News

A Bronx priest known for creating his own clothing line has a new trick up his sleeve: Artisanal beer crafter.

The recently opened Bronx Brewery has found an unlikely partner in Rev. Andrew O’Connor of Holy Family Church in Castle Hill, who is reserving space in the church garden to grow hops, a seed that flavors beer.

“One hops yard takes three years to grow, so if we get wet hops that go directly into the brew, it will make a nice fresh beer, which is prized,” said O’Connor, head of the parish for nearly five years. “So that’s the advantage of growing locally. People like things that are made in the Bronx.”
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Green Report: Don’t Frack with Our Beer

Written by Abram Goldman-Armstrong for Ale Street News. Ommegang picture courtesy media.cleveland.com

Located on 147 acres in rural New York, Brewery Ommegang, makes fine Belgian-inspired ales with water from three wells on their land. It’s an idyllic, pastoral, setting in which to brew beers reminiscent of the Belgian abbey tradition. Soon, however, the brewery’s water supply may be under the threat of contamination.
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Chocolate Fail: Some Boulevard Brew Has ‘Unwanted Flavor’

Has been described by some as a vegetal green pea like taste. Could be DMS? Something about those bottles and sanitation that failed? We had a story on this beer a few days ago here at PGA. Since there’s such a demand this has got to hurt them financially, but the approach seems wise.

Written by Scott Canon for The Kansas City Star

Maybe the reason you didn’t care for the much-hyped Boulevard Chocolate Ale had nothing to do with your palate. And everything to do with the beer.

Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Co. decided to offer refunds on a limited number of batches — up to a third of the bottles of chocolate ale sold — that the brewery said didn’t meet its standards.

“Some of the batches of Chocolate Ale have an unwanted flavor that we really did not anticipate to have in the beer,” Boulevard’s brewmaster Steven Pauwels said in a YouTube clip posted Wednesday.
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A Beer Lover’s Trip of a Lifetime

Written by the Staff at German-American Committee of Greater New York

Note: interesting trip offer, with a few errors in the text. For example: Schwartzbier is NOT “dark Stout,” but a lager that is more closely related to Munich Dunkel. Stout normally IS “dark.”

NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2012 — /PRNewswire-iReach/ — With more than 1,300 active breweries, Germany is arguably the greatest beer country in the world. Millions of beer drinkers travel to Munich´s legendary Oktoberfest every year, and many monasteries in Bavaria have been brewing for hundreds of years. Passionate imbibers appreciate Germany for its revered purity laws, its traditional brews as well as the multitude of brewing styles resulting in distinct flavors in different regions all over the country. In May, the “German Beer Trip” will take beer lovers on a two-week-trip through many of these regions.

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Ale Ice Cream with Espresso, Walnut, Brownies and Coconut

Written by Beerista for CraftBeer.com

(Just in time for Valentine’s day!-PGA)

Difficulty: Moderate

Time: 1 hour

Beer Style: Other

Seasonality: Other

Serves: Makes about 1 quart

The Beerista busts out the ice cream maker for a delicious boozy treat. This to die for chocolate ice cream has espresso, walnut, brownie bits and coconut mixed in. It would make a perfect ending to a Valentine’s Day dinner… hint, hint!
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Chocolate Beer for Valentine’s Day: Kansas City Falls in Love

Posted at latimesblogs.latimes.com Post credited to Matt Peacre


It was the beer that drove Kansas City crazy.

The storefront signs, plastered all over town on handwritten scraps of notebook paper or on sidewalk chalkboards, came in two stages this week. First was: WE DO NOT HAVE ANY BOULEVARD CHOCOLATE ALE YET. In most cases, they were followed hours later by: WE ARE OUT OF BOULEVARD CHOCOLATE ALE.

The Boulevard Brewing Co., whose famous smokestack-topped brewery is in Kansas City, Mo., teamed up with local chocolatier Christopher Elbow to create the Chocolate Ale specially for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s not unusual for beer companies to be closely tied to the cities in which they’re based, the ensuing mania seems to be a phenomenon bred purely out of the nature of today’s smaller-scale era of beer-making.

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Beerjobber “Spreads the Love” with Launch of the First and Only Online Brewery-Fresh Craft Beer Market in Time for Valentine’s Day

For the first time ever, consumers can discover and purchase brewery-fresh craft beer online and have it shipped from the brewery to their doorstep – or to the doorstep of someone they love.

Posted by “beerjobber”/Sarah Weedler at The Sacramento Bee


Courtesy bunspace.com

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 9, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Beerjobber (www.beerjobber.com), the first and only online craft beer market to deliver brewery-fresh craft beer straight to the consumer’s door, today announced that its site will launch to the public on February 13th – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Beerjobber focuses on providing craft beer lovers with convenient access to quality craft beer from around the country. The Company carefully selects the breweries it works with, focusing on brewers that offer excellent, unique brews its members will enjoy. Currently, Beerjobber works with more than 30 hand-selected breweries, and is continuing to expand its brewer relationships and beer selection.

“Beerjobber is a first, and we’re very excited about opening our doors to the public in time for Valentine’s Day in support of those who truly love and enjoy craft beer,” said Sean Nevins, President of Beerjobber. “As a new company, we’re committed to featuring all varieties of craft breweries seeking to reach an expanded audience, as well as exposing craft beer lovers to new tastes. We are continually seeking out new brewery partners and encourage consumers to reach out and let us know what breweries they’d like to see on our site.”

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Brewery Officials Say N.H. Regulations Hinder Growth

Official says some laws ‘just silly’

Written by Jennifer Feals for seacoastonline.com

PORTSMOUTH — While the Redhook Ale Brewery has seen tremendous growth and only expects it to continue in the city, company officials filled in state representatives Saturday on ways the state is hampering that growth.

About a dozen state representatives from around the Seacoast — including Tim Copeland, R-Stratham, Joanne Ward, R-Stratham, Amy and Larry Perkins, both Seabrook Republicans, and Fred Rice, R-Hampton — were given a look into the brewery’s operation, its continued growth and the obstacles the company faces related to state regulations.

“This is a pretty impactful state in our industry, in the craft brewing industry,” said Redhook brewer Andy Schwartz. “There are going to be some things that we could use your help with. They are just silly.”
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