Which Beer Pong Table is Best for a College Party?

Floating beer pong table

Welcome to our newest writer here at Professor Goodales. We have never covered beer pong, so maybe it’s time we did!-PGA

Written by Robert Lobitz forprofessorgoodales.net

Professional beer pong table

Beer pong is among the most popular games at college parties all over the world. While you may have decided that you’re definitely playing the game at your party, the difficult thing is trying to choose the best beer pong table for the party. You have to think about how many tables you need, the size of the venue, how many people are attending the party and many other factors besides.
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Craft Beer to Reach 12 Share at U.S. Supermarkets in 2012

Written by Chris Furnari for brewbound.com

Craft beer sales are quickly approaching $1 billion in U.S. supermarkets and the U.S. brewery count is climbing towards 2,000. It’s no secret that 2011 was a phenomenal growth year for the craft beer industry, and now we have some year-end Symphony IRI data to back it up.

The Brewers Association reported in January that 260 new breweries came online in 2011; nearly every brewery we’ve spoken with is reporting significant volume growth.

Speaking at the “Power Hour” hosted by the Brewers Association, IRI’s Senior VP of Beer, Wine and Spirits, Dan Wandel, discussed craft beers performance especially in U.S. Supermarkets.

Here are the most important takeaways:

Craft’s dollar share in U.S. Supermarkets was up 15 percent over last year to 10.8 share, the sixth consecutive year of growth. That’s double the share it held in 2006. These numbers prove why craft beer is the number one growing beverage-alcohol segment in U.S. Supermarkets

So what products are responsible for the growth? Wandel pointed to several areas. Variety and seasonal packages, IPA’s, large-format bottle offerings, the rise of canned beer and even private label brands (see below) are the major catalysts.

Samuel AdamsTop Vendors:

Boston Beer Co. continued to lead the way as the top craft vendor, generating $173 million in sales. Sierra Nevada and Craft Brew Alliance followed with $92.1 and $77.4 respectively.

But despite impressive dollar sales growth, seven of the top ten vendors actually lost a combined 4 share points of total segment dollars, no doubt because of the numerous emerging breweries earning more space on supermarket shelves. Only Bells Brewery and Stone Brewing Co. were able to gain a collective 0.2 percent dollar share.

Styles Driving Growth:
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Craft Beer in Mississippi? Bills to Allow It Now in Mississippi

Written by Jeremy Pittari for picayuneitem.com

Note: the headline is a bit misleading. Craft beer IS legal in Mississippi, though homebrewing still isn’t. This mostly has to do with abv-PGA
PICAYUNE — A bill is moving slowly through the state legislature that would put Mississippi on par with every other state in the nation in terms of beer production and consumption.

Under current state law, alcoholic content of beer sold and manufactured within Mississippi can not exceed 5 percent. That law prevents craft beers — generally those manufactured by small breweries or in limited amounts by larger breweries — from being sold in Mississippi stores. In turn, residents who wish to purchase craft beers are forced to spend their money out of state, said Butch Bailey, who is the president of the self-proclaimed grassroots organization Raise Your Pints.
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