Beer Profile: Yazoo’s Fortuitous

Profiled by Ken Carman for

I really, really, really wished I had bought a second bottle for my beer tastings in the Adirondacks this summer. Black as all hell, full brownish head that fades, yet clings at the end as if it doesn’t want to give up. A bit pillow. There’s a barrel sense to this: bourbon barrel-ish. that lingers. Medium body that, with all that’s going on here, might fool some as “full.”

I have had many Yazoo beers. This is the best, and the most interesting, I have ever had. A damn shame it’s a one off. Nose a bit sweet, with malt background; somewhat roasted. Bourbon nose dominants, with a woody: almost oak, sense. Pours as if it is a lot heavier than it is.

Taste: bourbon, lactic, roast very much in the background. This is a very delicate, a tad sweet, and a beyond “pleasant” quaff. It’s not as much dark as it is multi-layered.
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Beer distributors hop into brewing

Craft beer’s popularity has kept beer distributors busy reorganizing shelves to accommodate what is a seemingly never-ending selection from microbrewers.

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Thanks to a recent change in the law, beer distributors across the state can stock shelves with hops, barley, pre-made kits, grain mills, how-to books, bottles and other beer-making apparatus.

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