Brewers Association’s Julia Herz tells How She Celebrates American Craft Beer Week

ACBW 2012 is May 14 – 20

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As microbreweries continue to grow, so do beer weeks all throughout the States, but no other beer week takes it to a national level like the American Craft Beer Week (May 14 – 20) organized by the Brewers Association; an organization that promotes micro and independent American brewers. The ACBW celebrates the delicate work by small American breweries to produce what goes in your glass by attending or hosting events involving brewers all across America. We connected with Brewer Association’s Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz and asked her three questions about the beer industry, the beer week and how she’s going to celebrate it.

As craft beer producers continue to grow in the U.S., where do you see the industry going in the next five years?
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Soldotna Brewery Turning Candy into Beer


Written for AP by Molly Dischner

KENAI, Alaska (WTW) — Gummy Bears aren’t just for kids anymore.

Kenai River Brewing Company is turning candy into beer, with the help of Abbey Ale yeast.

The new beverage is just one addition in the works at the Soldotna brewery. The other is an expansion to create a new seating area, set to open next week.

“It’s going to be just a nice sit-down taproom,” said Doug Hogue, brewery co-owner.

The new taproom will seat about 20 people. Hogue said the brewery won’t serve food, but will welcome people to bring their own meals.

“Our customers are very excited about it so we’re anxious to get it rolling,” Hogue said.

When the taproom opens, the brewery’s main door will shift, and the old room will be used for canning. That will alleviate some growing pains the brewery was feeling, Hogue said.

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Beer Styles: What Are They, Why Do We Need Them, Where Are They Going?

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Written by Tom Becham for

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am NOT a “Style Snob”. By that, I mean that I’m not the sort of person who turns his nose up at a beer because it doesn’t entirely fit the style the brewer calls it. For instance, I still somewhat like Shiner Bock, even though it most definitely is either an American Dark Lager or Dunkel by style and NOT a Bock. It’s still a decent beer. It’s just a really lousy Bock.

Which brings me to what beer styles are in the first place. A beer style is the general description of how a beer should look, smell and taste. It provides guidelines for brewers in determining what they wish to brew, and how successful their attempts have been. It provides the beer drinker with an idea of what qualities he will find in a beer before he ever buys it.
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