Enegren Brewing

Written by Tom Becham for professorgoodales.net

About a year ago, Ventura County, California had yet another craft brewery open within its borders.  Enegren Brewing is located in the city of Moorpark.  It took me this long to get to Enegren simply because Moorpark is somewhat remote if you happen to live in western Ventura County.  Moorpark is a bedroom community for Simi Valley, and has traditionally been home to many Los Angeles commuters as well.  While not so sleepy as it has been in the past, due to proximity to the Reagan Presidential Library and numerous Hollywood types who now call Moorpark home, Moorpark still has a small town feel to it.  Indeed, my earliest childhood memory of Moorpark is the Egg City facility that used to be on its outskirts, which could be smelled from miles away.  That facility has been gone for years now, but Moorpark still frequently gets painted with that same brush.  Many people don’t get to Moorpark unless they specifically SET OUT for the town.
In short, Moorpark seems like a poor choice of location for starting up a new craft brewery.

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