Home-Brewers’ Beers Hit the Big Time

Written by Jim Galligan for bites.today.msnbc.msn.com

These winning home brewers get their beer made and sold nationally by Sam Adams, along with their smiling mugs on the label.
There’s something personal about a home-brewed beer. In the flavor you’ll find a brewer’s likes and dislikes, their attention to detail, their best effort at making something special with their own hands and know-how. And just like a Pixies song or a Nirvana rip, there’s usually a rough edge or two that lets you know this is something crafted by people mustering as much creativity and human precision as possible.

But when a home brew recipe is recreated on a large scale by a professional brewery — is that personal essence still intact? Sam Adams’ LongShot home brew competition offers the chance to find out.

Sam Adams calls for submissions from home brewers, judges them, and then brews and ships the winning beers across the country. It’s a home brewer’s dream come true — everybody can get a taste.
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