Psychic ‘Beer Loving’ Pig and Elephant to Predict Euro 2012 Results

Now for a little extra helping of beer news of the weird… PGA

Not actual beer drinking pig in story, according to then ghost of Rod Serling. Still courtesy

Written by Ryab Bailey for yahoo

Paul the Octopus wowed us with his soothsaying skills during World Cup 2010, but he has since moved on to the exploitative aquarium in the sky. Since his passing, man has longed for a new animal-based method of predicting football results. The Champions League Llama may have a 100% record by calling Chelsea’s unlikely victory over Bayern Munich, but Poland and Ukraine are each boasting their own zoo creatures to help gamblers who don’t want to rely on statistics and facts when making game predictions.

Ukraine will be acquiring the services of a two-year-old pig, who — much like Wayne Rooney — loves drinking beer and eating fries in his down time. Instead of ending up as a key component of the Ukrainian national dish of sliced hog fat, the imaginatively-named ‘Psychic Pig’ will be at the heart of the action throughout the tournament, says Mercury News:

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