Broo Shampoo: From Beer, Beauty (Asheville, NC)

Written by Dale Neal for

Sarah Pearsall pours beer on her husband, Brad, to illustrate how the two former attorneys came up with their idea for Broo hair products.

ASHEVILLE — After living and working in sweltering Miami, Brad and Sarah Pearsall were eager to move with their children to the Western North Carolina mountains back in 2008. The former lawyers just weren’t sure what they would do to pay the bills.

Beer turned out to be their best bet.

The Pearsalls didn’t join the growing number of craft breweries that have earned the city the reputation of Beer City USA. If the beer is better here, they thought: Why not use that better ingredient for an organic shampoo?

Lather, rinse, repeat. But success didn’t come that easily.

“We thought we would brew our own special brew just for shampoo. It turned out to be a disaster,” Brad laughed.

Meanwhile, Sarah was pouring plenty of beer on her dark hair, trying out different brands. “Beer doesn’t really clean your hair. It softens it, but it’s expensive, and it’s cold.”
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