Beer Profile: Fire Rock Pale Ale, Kona Brewing, Hawaii

Profiled by Ken Carman for

Pinpoint bubble head that lasts. Great clarity. SRM about 3, gold-ish. Bubbles rise through the liquid searching for the surface: probably why head holds so long.

The nose is nice citrus with a hint of grapefruit, caramelized malt with hop more upfront “by a nose.”

Mouthfeel nice caramelized malt with hops lingering. Carbonation light in mouthfeel but not in appearance.

However, once you get to the taste the sense of this beer changes. This is not just your typical citrus/American/grapefruity pale. There’s some hop spice back there and a slightly more specific sense of caramelization, almost like hot granite was used in the wort.

In a market where American Pale Ales have saturated the shelves, this is a bit unique. Give it a try!

The Beer Highway in Northern California, Part III

Note: This is an archive edition, chosen by The Professor to highlight some of the best from PGA. Also… Lost Coast pictures courtesy Beer and first logo courtesy Jennifer Moline and See article posted after this.

Written by Tom Becham for Professor Goodales

The last leg of the trip my wife and I took to NorCal brings us to Humboldt County.  Now, many beer afficionados who read this may be critical that we did not stop at some of the places along our route.  After all, well within our reach were brewers like Marin, Lagunitas, Russian River, Mendocino, North Coast and even Mad River. Those are all fine brewers to be sure, but this trip was about family so we had to forego all those stops.

When we finally reached our destination of Eureka, we made good our family obligations.  We even managed to squeeze in a quick lunch and beer sampling at Lost Coast Brewing.
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