How to Tell a Craft Beer Lover

From Basic Brewing Radio

From listener Steven Crosby in Las Vegas:

10 tips for spotting a craft beer/homebrew drinker:

10. Is the only person drinking beer out of a pint glass at a party.
9. Is constantly explaining the difference between an ale and a lager to people that don’t care.
8. Can usually be found sipping something the color of motor oil out of a goblet….very slowly.
7. Laughs when a beer commercial claims its beer is “triple hopped”.
6. Will take 10 minutes to explain to a bartender how to pour a beer.
5. Often sniffing the contents of their glass with a satisfying “…ahhhh!”.
4. Approves of “Born on dates” but only on a Barleywine or a mead.
3. At least half of their t-shirts have beer logos on them.
2. Is always trying to explain why their homebrew tastes “bitter” to their “plain beer” friends.
1. Has a beer bottle opener on their keychain.

Building With Bottles

Written by Lori Brown for

More than 100 years ago in 1902, a man by the name of William F. Peck built a home in the small, but booming mining town of Tonopah, Nev. He didn’t build with wood, brick or any other traditional materials for that matter; rather he used 10,000 empty beer bottles.

Other bottle houses popped up in the following decades as homes were often built in desert mining towns where saloons and their respective empty bottles, were more plentiful than construction materials. Short of necessities and far from freight lines, the mining town residents would likely be praised for their recycling efforts by builders today.
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