Beaver River Beer Tasting #2

Saturday, September 1st, second Beaver River Beer Tasting @ Beaver River Lodge. We had about 50-60 tasters over a 3-4 hour period and about 30 different beers. One of the best we had was a Belgian-style Cherry that had been oaked, and I must admit a lot of folks liked my new brew, a cyser called Crabby Patty. Brewed at the “Brewed Anywhere but Beaver River Brewery.” It’s a LONG story. Berkshire Brewing in Mass. was represented by a “Sour Mash” IPA that had been kept in a “famous Tennessee” whiskey barrel. Gee, wonder who THAT could have been, maybe you, Mr. Daniels? And we had Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero. Salt City Brewers, out of Syracuse, were represented by one “I don’t wear NOTHIN under my kilt” Mark Franey: minus kilt/with pants THIS TIME… and K.T.. He brought a GREAT Brown Porter, better that the Schlafly Porter we also tasted.

I kept the pictures as big as I could so you might be able to see the labels. On to September 22nd in Stillwater on the western side of the reservoir! And, yes, you CAN drive there, unlike Beaver River. Starts at 12. If you so desire Riverboat to Beaver River leaves at 12:30. So if only interested in a little “tasting,” you’re certainly welcome!
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