Just So You Know, You Can’t Make Beer With Your Vagina

Written by Madeleine Davies for jezebel.com

Yesterday, CNN reportedon Rogue, a brewery in Oregon, that has recently been crafting a new beer using wild yeast harvested from their brewmaster John Maier’s 34-year-old beard. “Ew, gross,” you probably say, but Maier doesn’t know what the big deal is — “Yeast is everywhere.”

That’s true. Yeast is everywhere, even (as we ladies well know) buried deep inside our vaginas, waiting to go bad and ruin our week at any moment. But does that mean that we could possibly brew beer using the cause of one of our more common south of the border infections? Is “turn a yeast infection into a full-bodied IPA” the new “make lemons into lemonade?” We did some research and, in a word, no. The yeast used in beer is a completely different strain of yeast than the one that causes yeast infections. And there goes your artisanal brewery idea!
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