Craft Beer Takes Over NYC at the Craft Beer Festival

Written by Caitlin Colford for The Huffington Post

Craft beer festivals have been taking over event spaces nationwide, popping up year round to offer the palates of beer connoisseurs new and unique ales and lagers for sampling. An ever-expanding industry, craft beer has been rapidly making its way into beer lovers’ hearts and refrigerators over the past few years, replacing six packs of Budweiser with artisanal IPAs.

Come November 10th, 2012, theĀ New York City Craft Beer Festival, Winter Harvest Edition, will take residence on Pier 57 to offer tastings of seasonal brews from nearly 75 breweries. Additionally, experts will be on hand to host seminars on topics such as beer and food pairings, just in time for holiday parties.

“We work to appeal to the serious beer nerd who wants to learn more about American Craft Beer,” Robert Howell Jr., the producer of the festival, states. “We stick to our NYC Craft Beer Festival mantra of ‘Seasonal, Unique, Limited Release.’ Our Holy Grail is if we can get all 3 of those characteristics in each beer.”
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Get A Beer And A Bride In Bellingham, Wash.

Written by Lanee Lee for The Huffington Post

“Stop the car!” I bellowed, jolting my beloved, Marc, out of his transcendental road trip trance (he loves road trips). His head jerked, eyes widening with worry as he said, “What’s wrong? You sick?”

Eighteen hours earlier, we had checked in to Tree Frog Night Inn, Bellingham, Washington’s only official eco bed and breakfast, and slept soundly in our Mediterranean-themed suite, awakening to chickens softly clucking and aromas of fresh seven-grain bread baking.

Keith Yandell and Kara Black, progressive Pacific Northwesterners and owners of Tree Frog Night Inn, have created a mini-sanctuary for guests to experience a slice of country living with a dollop of luxury. Amenities like an eco-friendly hot tub, dry sauna and Jacuzzi were appreciated.

But for an urbanite like myself, I was romanced by the simple pleasures: Wandering through the fuchsia pink fields of peonies, witnessing Kara (we called her the hen whisperer) cuddle with her pet chickens, soaking in the silence of rural living, and watching the star-studded night sky from the treehouse Keith had built.
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