The Beer Nut: The Strongest Beer in the World Turns 10

Written by Norman Miller for GateHouse News Service and Norwich Bulletin

Note: Utopia is NOT the strongest beer in the world. That honor varies between BrewDog’s End of History, to a German brewer, and to Brewmeister’s Armageddon. The Professor is not quite sure where the record rests right now, but certainly NOT Utopia. But it is an interesting story otherwise.-The Professor

Typically, Samuel Adams Utopias is released every other year, but it was released off schedule to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this remarkable beer.

“The 10th anniversary release of Utopias is proof that extreme beers have earned a permanent and respected place in the beer universe, a world now constantly evolving with new craft beers and excited craft beer drinkers,” said Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch.
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