Nutritious Beer: The Darker the Better

Written by Blake Potolicchio for

Anyone who enjoys drinking beer certainly knows it has vitamin P in it, right?- PGA

Reminiscent of the turning seasons, beer styles often change just before the first spring bloom or last falling leaf. Seeing that we are approaching the fall season, the seasonal change is taunting our taste-buds to crave a heartier, autumn inspired brew.

Interestingly enough we were pleased to read an old article provoking the benefits of the darker, maltier flavors of fall and winter. A study first conducted by the University of Wisconsin in 1997 found evidence that drinking darker beers may reduce the risk of heart disease. Obviously, we stress that not like Popeye’s spinach, drinking as much dark beer as you can does not increase health benefits more, but rather in moderation, the micronutrients in a more malty brew can actually be more beneficial than those found in a lighter beer.
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