And The Funk Was Embraced

Written by Brandon Jones for

Maybe the Mayans were right and 2012 is indeed it because I’m not sure I could have a better beer weekend than this past one. Everything from Chad Yakobson’s awesome talk – to me winning best of show – to a late night Waffle House group run that included “chocolate-peanut butter-bacon-maple syrup covered pecan waffles”… with a side of bacon. Yep it was that kind of weekend.

Chad Yakobson’s Brettanomyces Presentation

The annual competition weekend started off with a bang this year. An awesome catered dinner by one of the best BBQ guys around serving up Ribs and Brisket. The guest speaker this year wasChad Yakobson of Crooked Stave in Denver, Colorado. Fresh off a Great American Beer Festival win Chad dropped some serious knowledge during his talk. The talk mostly centered around Brettanomyces…facts vs fiction and how to get the most out of Brett in your brewing process. Topics such as their barrel aging/foudre process, brewing with bacterias, mixed fermentations with Sacchromyces strains, and classic Saisons were also covered during the 60 minute talk.

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