Brew Biz: Werts and All

One can think of FAR worse places to judge beer, and few better.

The Topic: A Beer Judge’s Diary, November 10th, 2012

Ken Carman is a BJCP judge; homebrewer since 1979, club member at Escambia Bay, Salt City and Music City Homebrewers, who has been interviewing professional brewers all over the east coast for over 10 years.

Written by Ken Carman

Last year we judged at the very first BJCP sanctioned beer competition in Mississippi: Jackson. We wanted to support them for daring to do so since brewing homebrew is illegal in Mississippi. (And Alabama too.) Apparently they enjoyed the small category competition last year so much they went crazy and did a full blown category competition this year. Well, since we like going crazy too, but with a collie whose ears had become infected: packed with an anti-fungal, wax-like substance, we thought it best to limit the crazy time: get up at 12 midnight, drive, and come back at 3 am the next morning.

And I’m calling doing a full blown competition “crazy?” What I just typed alone made me want to yawn.

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Disrespecting Low-Calorie Light Beer

Written by Jay Brooks for The Brookston Beer Bulletin

Ugh, why do people keep defending low-calorie light diet beer? It’s an abomination. It should go away. It’s a marketing trick. It’s the best selling kind of beer in America, and defending it is the equivalent of complaining about the “War on Christmas” or the “War on White People.” Yes, sales have been slipping lately, with more people choosing beer with flavor, but certainly not enough to put much of a dent in the sheer volume of this dreck. Yes, many, if not most, craft beer drinkers choose not to drink it and some even bash it as something not worthy of respect. Well, I am one of those people. Not everything deserves our respect. I respect how difficult it is to make, but in the end that’s not the standard I want to use for how I choose what to drink. Degree of difficulty may be fine for Olympic gymnastics or diving, but taste is far more important to me when it comes to my beer.
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