Do You Give a Damn About Who Makes Your Beer?

Written by Chalie Papazian for The Examiner

Let me start right in the beginning: I care about who makes the beer I drink. I’m picky because I have the choice to do so, and… so I do. Does it matter to beer drinkers? I asked that question in a 2008 Examiner poll and again in a 2010 Examiner pollMuch has changed in the world of beer since 2008 and even in two short years since 2010.

It’s time to ask the question once again: Does it matter who makes the beer you buy? Go to the poll site and choose which of the following most describes your feelings:

  • YES it does matter – I support local by buying local as much as possible
  • YES it does matter, mostly– I support local but I will buy imports or national/regionally distributed craft brands. I usually avoid buying brands made by large brewing corporations
  • NO it doesn’t matter too much – I will buy and drink beer from breweries of any size. It doesn’t matter who owns the brewery

Vote now.

Share this poll link with friends. Poll will close December 12, 11:59 p.m.

The big picture

The 5 largest brewing companies have grown bigger as they continue to spend their money buying up smaller companies, closing breweries and adding those brands to their main streams of beer production. What’s relevant in the U.S.A.?
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