Christmas Beer Swap: Merry Christmas Everyone!

procto santa

Postede by Richaqrd Dicks at justanotherboozeblog

It’s been over a week since any of us last posted, but with the Holidays and end of year deadlines at work we’ve all been a little busy. This year for Christmas I got roped into a Holiday tradition that is becoming more and more popular each years. I speak of the Christmas Beer Swap. It’s a great tradition, which I hope to participate in for years to come. For anyone who might not know how it works, a group of guys get together (girls can join in too…for sexual favors) and buy a different case of beer. Then they put all the beer together and make a bunch of variety packs. For Christmas time, typically everyone gets a Holiday or seasonal brew. What I love about this Holiday tradition is it gives you a chance to try a bunch of new and different beers that you might not try otherwise. This is a big deal in PA since most of the time you have to buy an entire case to try any of these beers, and at $35+ for a case….no TV and no beer makes Homer something something. 
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