Home Brews and Latin Flavors

Mac Rusling turned his 40-year hobby of brewing beer from home into a career when he opened Brewhaha Homebrew Supply Company in December. Photo by Jacob Fuller.
PGA Note: this is about a homebrew store in a state where homebrewing is illegal. In neighboring Alabama, where it is also illegal the police came in like a pot raid, confiscated everything: charges pending after the raid.

Written by Jack Fuller for jacksonfreepress.com

Mississippi home brewers may not have the law fully on their side, but they now have a place to buy all the hops, barley, yeast and equipment they need to create and bottle their own beer.

Mac Rusling, a former commercial airline pilot, opened Brewhaha Homebrew Supply Company, a one-stop shop for all things home brewing, Dec. 19 in the Lefleur’s Gallery Shopping Center (4800 I-55 N., Suite 17A, 601-362-0201, brewhahasupply.com).

Brewhaha is a no-frills kind of place. The beige walls to the left and right of the entrance are lined with 8-foot high shelves stocked with ingredients, recipe books and equipment. On the back wall sit two refrigerators filled with 
more ingredients.
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