Beer? Wine? Hard Liquor?

Written by Tom Becham for

beerwineliquorGather any group of drinkers together, and you will no doubt generate some discussion – and disagreement – over the relative merits and drawbacks of any particular alcoholic beverage.

I will admit, that for me, with age comes an ability to find the good points in much anything. While I am first and foremost a Beer-Geek, I can also appreciate a nice merlot with a steak, or port with cheese, or an eiswein with a slice of gateau. There are also times when a sip of a nice single-malt Laphroaig or Talisker seems nigh unto heaven itself.

But bottom line, beer is by far my drink of choice in the majority of circumstances. The first reason is that, being in my mid-40’s, getting drunk is no longer my top priority. Rather, I’d like to simply relax a bit and enjoy the taste of what I’m drinking. So, that knocks out distilled drinks for most intents and purposes.

But why beer over wine?
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Barrel Aged Wake Up Dead is Back for the Winter


Written by Emily Armstrong for

(LONGMONT, CO) – It only happens once every two years… After hibernating in the Left Hand warehouse for 12 months, the brewery has emptied its cellar and released Barrel Aged Wake Up Dead for the winter season. This dark and complex beer begins with the brewery’s infamous Russian Imperial Stout and ages in whiskey barrels before blending it to woody perfection.
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Beer Profile: Adam Bomb by Blackstone


Profiled by Ken Carman for

Pours a hazy, not clear, SRM 3-4: slightly dark urine, or dirty gold if you prefer. Head faded so fast hardly any time to tell. Pinpoint bubble mixed with pillow and big bubbles. Aromatically somewhat grapefruit. Centennial perhaps? Mouthfeel: harsh hop, brash, even astringent. Pale malt base there but hidden.

This is supposed to be their first high grav, high abv, beer. 7.3 and 83 ibu. That’s quite the achievement in Tennessee where we have been fighting stupid, I repeat “stupid,” abv limitation laws for a long time. I am assuming they got a distilling license: another long lasting fight where a local, Nashville, distillery, had to fight for years to get approval for a tasting room.
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