Hill Farmstead Membership: Some Deets From Shaun

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Written by Brandon Jones for embracethefunk.com

About a week ago Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead Brewery shocked many beer lovers by announcing an upcoming membership sale. The owner of the recently awarded  RateBeer #1 Brewery In The World gave Embrace The Funk a few details about the program and how you can get access to some of the great sour/wild beers in his line-up.

ETF- What is the official name of the membership club?

Shaun- “Hill Farmstead’s Collected Works”

ETF- If you’ve come up with a “Trustee” pick up policy, can you give some info on it?

Shaun- Of course.  Given our location – we absolutely must allow for ‘trustees’ to assist in beer retrieval.  Members can name their trustee, with proper communication, until a few days before the beer needs to be retrieved.  We will hold onto the beer, in a refrigerated storage space, until July 6th and 7th.  After those days… the beer will go up for sale.  Folks shouldn’t sign up if they don’t have a means of on site retrieval.
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