A Beer Judge’s Diary: Bluff City Homebrew Extravaganza


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Written by Ken Carman

Ken Carman is a Certified BJCP beer judge who has been brewing beer since 1979, judging beer since 1998. Ken has judged beer from Texas, to Florida to Albany, NY. A Diary of a Beer Judge is all about personal reflections regarding various homebrew competitions.

  286 entries, 117 brewers, 37 judges, 19 sponsors, 9 stewards: slightly over 100 judged that Saturday.
  This competition has been at Boscos Squared every time we have judged at it. According to their site this is the 25th annual. We have judged in Memphis at least 3 times, once even staying at our friends’ house, Jody and Phil Kane. That’s Phil to the right and below doing his He-Man impression, or at least practicing to achieve his next, best, hernia. His wife, Jodie, does not bear any responsibility for his frequent odd behavior, so instead of a hernia I suppose you could call it a… “hisnia?”
  However, having an old man collie (14!), who’s going from brilliant to a little befuddled, on our front porch from 4am until past sundown we felt it best not to stay the night. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: Bluff City Homebrew Extravaganza”

Fairhope Brewing Co. at Full Speed After Grand Opening (photos)

Written by Michael Dumas | mdumas@al.com for al.com


fh articleFAIRHOPE, Alabama — On Nichols Avenue, it turns out that two’s company. That’s how many opening celebrations the new Fairhope Brewing Company has held since the first week of January and now, the brewery is operating at full tilt.

Like so many independent businesses, growth happens in real time and in front of as many customers as they can muster. And in terms of service, organization and capability, the contrast between FBC’s soft opening on Jan. 8 and its grand opening on Saturday, Feb. 16 was staggering.

If the January opening — which was the first time customers could sample the taproom and a few choice selections of beer — was a home run, then Saturday’s 4 p.m. event was a grand slam.
View the gallery of images from the Feb. 16 event here.

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Pabst Seeks Court Determination Wresting Back Control of Rheingold Brand

Posted by Ashley Brandt at libationlawblog.com

Miss Rheingold
Miss Rheingold
There’s big money in an established brand.  That goes double for any established beer brand with a history, low price point, and no small amount of subtle marketing.  The right combinations can result in a scheme to mint liquid gold.

There’s an untapped goldmine of long lost lagers.  Brands with breweries that were shut down but whose intellectual property and capital got bought up or mothballed until some enterprising company looking to cash in on nostalgia or a vintage, perhaps even a craft appeal, or all of them, decides to revive the brand or expand it.  (e.g., The recent national push by MillerCoors to bring Henry Weinhard’s to the country.)

Enter Rheingold Beer (or rather, “re-enter”).

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