The Wisconsin Brewery Tour: One Barrel

Written by Lindsay Snyder for American Craft Beer

The second stop on my hoppy tour through the dairy land was Madison’s first and only nanobrewery: One Barrel Brewing Company. With literally one barrel running at full capacity churning out 10 barrels a week, the supply doesn’t quite meet the demand for this new and exciting operation. One or two lucky bars in Madison boast having this stuff on tap, and the rest is consumed on the spot at One Barrel, just as fast as they can brew it. The sense of community is strong in this little start-up, as is the sense of adventure. Madison’s only nanobreweryMadison’s only nanobreweryPeter Gentry logged several years of homebrewing experience before he opened his doors to the public last July. With the help of his family and the strong craft beer community in Madison, he’s turned a tiny space into a fully functioning brewery. The bar was made by his dad, the curtains by his mom, and kegs are washed at one larger brewery while supplies are borrowed from another. A few lively investors even paid $5,000 for their own engraved bar stools (which comes with a lifetime of free beer, of course).

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Anchor’s a …Way



beer-news10Anchor to Pier 48 (San Francisco, CA) – The Anchor Brewing Company has big plans in the works that include opening a new waterfront brewery that will increase their capacity by 400%. The SF Gate is reporting that Anchor “will occupy what is now Pier 48 with production and distribution facilities, a restaurant, museum, and other public attractions. The 212,000-square-foot space is an addition to Anchor Brewing’s existing plant on Potrero Hill, and will quadruple the company’s output from 180,000 barrels to 680,000 barrels.”

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