Brew Biz: Werts and All

Craft Brewed
2502 Franklin Pike
Nashville, Tennessee 37204

Written by Ken Carman

  When I first saw a picture of the sign out front of Craft Brewed on Facebook: like what’s at the end of this column, I wondered where it was. Once I found out I knew what one of my first questions would be when I interviewed the owner: “Why?”
  What I found out made a lot of sense. This portion of Franklin Road has gone through many changes since we moved here in 78, though not as problematic as parts of East Nashville used to be, also going upscale. But, as owner Chip DeVier said, it’s… “becoming a hot area, rapidly gentrifying and, well, it’s close to home!”
  While small, Craft Brewed is a comfortable, easy place to down a pint with perfect product placement in visually artistic, locations. Continue reading “Brew Biz: Werts and All”


Written by Jerry Buckley for The Brew-Score and

Buckley logo buckwheatThose of us who have been around long enough to have a little (or a lot) of gray around the temples, can surely remember the hit song “Anticipation” by Carly Simon; a top twenty radio standard from 1971, which relates the artist’s state of mind as she awaited going on a date with superstar Cat Stephens.  The song was resurrected as a soundtrack for a Heinz ketchup commercial in the late 1970’s.

Well, “anticipation” seems an apt way to summarize my feelings each time I cook up a new batch of homebrewed beer.  Being an adventurous rookie brewer, I have yet to brew the same style of beer twice.  Each brew day finds me seeking to expand my repertoire, searching for a certain self-fulfillment of doing something a bit different from the standard fare.  I suppose you might say I am still seeking to find my “favorite” style of homebrew.
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