I Feel Like Funkin’ It Up…Feel Like Funkin It Up!

Written by Brandon Jones for Embracethefunk.com

Here I go again with the TV show ties…The title is a reference to a song by The Rebirth Brass Band most recently used in the show Treme‘ and one I heard live during a recent New Orleans trip.  Well I do feel like Funkin’ it up! I hope you do too because…..
yazoo-embracethefunkfest-relic2Here is the official announcement that on May 5th at Yazoo Brewing Company we are hosting a Funk Fest! We will feature multiple beers from our Embrace The Funk series plus a bunch of other funky/wild beers I was directly involved in selecting (even some selections from brewery friends of the blog!).
As many of you know one of the main purposes of this website is to help educate and attempt to show how wonderful these beer styles can be. So myself and Neil McCormick who is the “Beer Evangelist” at Yazoo have worked on an awesome line up that runs from one end of  Funk to the other end of Sour! Continue reading “I Feel Like Funkin’ It Up…Feel Like Funkin It Up!”