Brew Biz: Werts and All


Review: TimberCreek Tap & Table

11191 Highline Drive, Meadville, PA 16335

(This is Route 19, and right off Route 322. Route 322 is also route 6 at this point in PA)

Written by Ken Carman

  I was headed north for yet another tour and Millie, my wife, decided to tag along. The ball and chain was so hard to drag all the way… hey, I’m talking about the truck we were towing behind us. That “ball and chain!” Not my loving wife, Millie. (Whew, that was a good save.)
  No, goofing around aside, she want to check out a competition I judged at last year: AWOG, or “Amber Waves of Grain,” in Niagara Falls, NY. And she had some time she needed to take off from work, or lose it.
  Anywhosie, I checked out breweries and brewpubs we’d be close to before we went, other than The Church or Sprague in Pennsylvania: both of which we’ve tried and enjoyed. Mr. Google did a beer burp and came up with Voodoo Brewing. I even know the brewer: Matt Allyn, from a previous brew job in Titusville, PA at Four Sons. (Now called “Blue Canoe.”) I did a column on him and Four Sons a few years ago. But the hours didn’t work out for Millie to go there too. Besides, there was a second Google beer burp and…”Look, Millie! There’s this new brewpub and the pictures of the inside even look a little like the old Buckhead brewpub that was in Tallahassee!” Continue reading “Brew Biz: Werts and All”