That Condensation on Your Beer Can Might Not Be a Good Sign

beer-news10We’ve all seen a cold beer can sweat in the summer heat. Now, a new scientific study reveals the surprising effect that layer of condensation has on the temperature of your beverage.

If you’re familiar with evaporative cooling, there’s a chance you guessed that moisture keeps your can chilled. After all, when people sweat, we experience a cooling effect. Transitioning from a liquid phase to a gaseous one requires the input of energy; as the beads of moisture on our skin evaporate, that energy comes from our bodies in the form of heat, cooling us in the process. So is this what happens to a chilled beverage on a hot, humid day? Nope. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

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Ph Readings Of Commercial Beers

IMAG0613Ph Readings of Commercial Beers

Written by Brandon Jones for


Assume all readings are taken at room temp (apprx 70 degrees F). I calibrate my ph meter fairly often, but don’t always show that here.


When I am able to do so…Gravity readings will also be recorded starting 8/25/2012. Thanks to everyone who suggested the idea! Please understand that some rare beers or beers I only have a small amount of, I just can’t sacrifice enough to de-carb for the reading.

  Click the reading for a picture of each beer being tested.
This page will be constantly updated as I am able to take the readings (meaning when I don’t forget!) Continue reading “Ph Readings Of Commercial Beers”