Johnathan Wakefield Q&A

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I have spoken to Johnathan Wakefield a few times over the past couple of years trying to work out beers trades, chatting about lacto, working out getting a few of his beers in Nashville for Funk Fest back in May. I knew I wanted to do a Q&A with him about his brewery aspirations and find out a little more about “Florida Weisse”. Yesterday JW started his official fundraising campaign to source the remaining money to fund Johnathan Wakefield Brewing. Last night JW and I chatted for this interview….

ETF: What was the beer or a moment where you said “I like these beers, these sour beers. I want to try my hand at brewing one” ?

WAKEFIELD: Oh yeah. Yeah, absolutely. It was definitely the Cantillon Lou Pepe. Yeah, Lou Pepe. That I want to say, in probably ’08, ’09. That kind of turned me onto those styles of beer. I could tell you what turned me onto brewing Berliners.

ETF: Yeah, go right ahead.
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Hello Kitty Beers Make a Splash in Asia

Gee, with great branding ideas like this, should NOLA be afraid? Maybe not. See next story for that controversy-PGA


Hello Kitty beer

Like many people approaching 40 years of age, it appears Hello Kitty is having a midlife crisis.

No, she hasn’t run out and bought a Harley or had a steamy tryst with the plumber (sorry, Mario). Instead, the Japanese pop icon has engaged in a decidedly adults-only undertaking – brewing her own beer.

That’s right; Hello Kitty beer is a thing, at least in Asia.

There are six Hello Kitty beers, which come in easy-drinking fruit flavors like peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and banana. They have about half the alcohol content of mainstream American beers – a Budweiser runs 5 percent alcohol-by-volume, where the Hello Kitty brews range from 2.3 percent to 2.8 percent.

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NOLA Brewing Sued Over MechaHopzilla Beer


Here we go again. Remember the West 6th/Magic Hat controversy? Bet many of you don’t. Is this real, or just attention getting press? Does the Japanese company own the rights to anything with “Zilla” in the name, or something that kind of, sort of, looks like GZ? Sample of label only provided so readers can decide for themselves.-PGA

The Japanese company that produced the classic series of “Godzilla” movies has sued a New Orleans brewery, claiming the MechaHopzilla beer brand infringes on its copyrights and trademarks.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in New Orleans by Toho Co. Ltd. It includes photographs of the Mechagodzilla character Toho introduced in 1974 and a beer can produced by New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Co. LLC, known as NOLA Brewing.

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