A Beer Judge’s Diary: Fugetaboutit 2013

This year's location for Fugetaboutit
This year’s location for Fugetaboutit


Jared Whalen and Chris McGreevy. First place for 19C: American Barleywine. Name: Big F’n Beer. From Northern Kentucky Homebrewers Guild.
Graham Barron: second place for 16C: Saison. Name: Rye-Son. From Covert Hops Society.
Robert Miller: third place. 12C: Baltic Porter. Name: Baltic Winter. From Brewmasters of Alpharetta.

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beerjudge-258x300 (1) 347 total entries, 216 judged on Saturday, December 7th, 22 judges on Saturday, 7 stewards.

  Fugetaboutit: 2013, this isn’t the first time for us to this delightful beer judging-based rodeo. It’s kind of like a yearly tour of Chattanooga. This year it was at the Knights of Columbus, and I must say for all the locations this one seems to provide the best atmosphere: no restaurant noise, no workmen below building a yet to be open pub and no pending kid’s party rushing us through judging.
  The plan was to leave Nashville at 4 because of the time change: the competition started at 9. However, an aging collie decided to wake me up at 1 by pacing the room and by the time we were through I had cat napped maybe half an hour at best. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: Fugetaboutit 2013”

The Craft Beer Market Has Exploded, And Now Brewers Are Worried About A Collapse



On a recent Monday morning, the stretch of Route 100 that runs through sleepy Waterbury, Vt., was bumper-to-bumper. The line of Camrys, Sierras, and Outbacks, some from as far away as Illinois, inched forward in the crisp air, their drivers united in a singular goal.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: b-e-e-e-r.

Jen Kimmich sighed at the chaos. She knew what they’d come for. They’d been arriving every Monday for the past two-and-a-half years, more every week, to the point where they now crowded the parking lots of the nearby Phinne nail salon and the Merchants Bank, both on the wrong side Rt. 100, forcing their owners to dash across the state highway to reach their journey’s end, a cramped retail shop in a modest beige building that housed the Alchemist brewery.

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