It Was a Good Year in Craft Beer

This is about Minnesota, but the nation too-PGA

In Minnesota, 14 brewers opened operations in 2013, making it a very good year in the brewing universe. By all accounts it’s been another banner year for Minnesota beer. The state’s collective brew IQ continued to rise, and seemingly every new bar or restaurant eagerly touted its local tap selection.

The big-league festivals put on by the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild and the Beer Dabbler each sold out, collectively drawing 16,840 beer fans. The phrase “craft beer boom” was used by the local media approximately 2,487 times (well, probably) in the never-ending stories about new breweries, surging demand or Minnesota’s brew-conomy (roughly 8,000 jobs strong and counting, says the Brewers Association).

So how about one more beer article to close out 2013?

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Starrlight Mead: Couple Makes a Honey of a Wine


Sorry, there’s just not enough mead to go around.”

The writer of these words could very well be describing the mead (also known as honey wine) brewed by Ben and Becky Starr, owners and brew masters at Starrlight Mead in Pittsboro.

Come to think of it, the heart of North Carolina is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think of mead. Your memory probably hearkens back to the days of old, reminiscent of Renaissance Fairs, Vikings and old English castles.

The Starrs opened Starrlight Mead in 2010, taking a gamble that folks would embrace their homemade wines as much as they and their friends have.

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