A Beer Judge’s Diary: Bluff City Brewer’s Extravaganza, Memphis

199 entries Best Of Show – Extravaganza! 2014



Entry Name




Chris Arnt

Ron’s Dunkel

4B: Munich Dunkel

Barley Mob Brewers


Jeff Kinzer

Brett Cream Ale

23A: Specialty Beer

Bluff City Brewers & Connoisseurs


Morgan Sapp

Brett Strawberry Farmhouse

16E: Belgian Specialty Ale

By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
  I forgot my camera.
  Memphis is about 210 miles from Nashville. I woke up at about 3 and couldn’t sleep so we headed out early. There’s not a lot between here and there, and good time was made. We got there in enough time to doze off in the Element. Adam Hargrove: head brewer, invited us in early… except the alarm system went whack doodle so it took a while anyway.
  Millie and I judged meads, cysers and melomels and there were only 5. We thought it would be an easy morning, I even told them if they needed me for another table, once I was done, I was willing to help. But for some reason it took longer than we expected. And all we had was a morning session. That was great.
  Compliments to the organizer: that they did enough prejudging to make it, oh, so easy. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: Bluff City Brewer’s Extravaganza, Memphis”