Beer Profile: Ommegang’s Fire and Blood


Profiled for PGA by Maria Devan and Ken Carman


I just tried Ommegang Fire and Blood and I sure don’t like it.

This poured a murky and darker brown with a stream of effervescence and a fat tan head of foam that fell slowly and left lace.

Nose is a bit confused. There is a brief hint of banana, some lasting cherry, fig and some faint raisin. The yeast is there and it’s light and a bit woody. There is also a nice light caramel.

This drinks a bit flatly as the spelt seems to have muted the rye in the drink. The caramel is light, the yeast is belgian, the beer is dry. The cherry is the most forward fruit with the raisin and fig in the background. The ancho chile pepper tastes dry and seedy and very tame. It does impart a warmth to the throat as you swallow. This leaves a bit bitter and that lingers a little sharply as it really had nothing to contrast or offset it. The flavors were all weak and a bit jumbled.

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Beer, Grilled Cheese and Really Clean Clothes

Michael Gordon, Joe Bouvier, Wash HouseNEW YORK (CNNMoney) –

Nestled on a New York side street, a new type of laundromat has opened its doors, offering gourmet cheese sandwiches and drop-off laundry services.

“Our coffee shop is a bar, cafe and a laundromat. It’s a winning formula,” said 31-year old Lee Kerzner, a native New Yorker who opened the Wash House in the East Village last month. “The response from the local community has been amazing. We’re doing more laundry than we ever expected and selling out of coffee.”

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