Reviews by Tom Becham: Modern Times’ Blazing World

Reviewed by his Royal Highness Tom Becham, esq

Modern Times Blazing World 4 packModern Times Beer has quite the buzz in the craft beer community of Southern California right now. They can all of their offerings (a trend, at the moment), and have some catchy retro style art on the cans. But I found one of their beers, Blazing World, to be sadly lacking and unworthy of its own press. But in fairness, I cannot and will not judge the rest of their beers on this one example.

Okay, on to the review. Sorry, but cans still throw me for a loop. Yes, I know they are more eco-friendly than bottles, and I know they protect the beer from being light-struck far better than bottles ever could. Still, they just strike me as tacky. Points off for the “presentation”.
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