A Beer-y Good Story: Genesee Bock

Courtesy The Pittsford Perennialist
Courtesy The Pittsford Perennialist

Written by Ken Carman for The Professor

Beer-y  Sometimes I pause and think about all I write and wonder, am I telling the whole story? Reviewing beer is grand, but there’s more to beerdom than yea or nay.
  For the first edition of A Beer-y Good Story we have Genesee Bock. I was introduced to Genny Bock when I first went to college. My drinking experience previous to college was using beer as a calm before the storm when I’d drink Stingers, Harvey Wallbangers and Tom Collins… I was an experimenter, as I have always been. Beer was, at best, boring, and sometimes merely tolerable.
  My friend in college, Dave Rank, kept trying to get me to go drinking with him, and I kept saying “No” because he wanted to go drinking beer. I thought I hated beer: it something just to fill in the gaps. Plus I was from a small town, and had learned manners and some social skills: far too few I admit. And someone who cursed every five seconds was someone I thought I needed to steer clear of.
  We’ve been great friends ever since; despite a few bumps, like once when a woman got between us. My fault. What do you do with someone who makes you dump your best friend, change everything about yourself for her, then dumps you and claims none of that ever happened?
  Well, anyway, he introduced me to dark beer, and Genny Bock. It was enough of a change that I said, “Hey, maybe there’s more to this beer adventure than I thought!” That was 72. By 79 I was brewing my own.
  Genesee was one of those small brewers that almost didn’t survive the onslaught of the mega brewers: Millers, InBev… though someone has always owned the brewery. Sometimes production was down to pretty much nil, during the darkest times. I can’t promise this is the same Genny Bock I had back then because now a craft brewing concern owns the Genny name, but I suspect it’s close. Continue reading “A Beer-y Good Story: Genesee Bock”