A Beer-y Good Story: Tangerine Dreamsickle

Courtesy onlineathens.com
Picture above courtesy onlineathens.com/Link to Green Flash history/Link to Terrapin

Beer-yCllaboration-Grren-Flash-_-Terrapin-sQUARE-130x130  I can’t say much about Green Flash, but Tom Becham has mentioned them here at PGA. I do have a Terrapin story…
  In the 90s I was gone a lot. From Louisiana to Florida to Maine I was doing dhows for the young and using multitrack tech to create projects with slightly older children. I was in Georgia, west side of Atlanta staying on this huge lake and heard nearby Athens had turned into a new beer capital.
  Of course I stayed in my little trailer and worked on my programs and… Continue reading “A Beer-y Good Story: Tangerine Dreamsickle”