Light beer heading toward 10-year low in sales

pgahistoryAmerican consumers are starting to turn their back on light beers in favor of frou-frou drinks.

This change in taste buds will send domestic light beers sales toward a 10-year low in 2015, according to a recent report by Shanken News Daily. Since its peak in 2008, domestic light beer sales have fallen by 8.3 million barrels in the United States, a decline of 8 percent, according to the Impact Databank. In fact, Americans have been drinking less beer overall. Americans’ per capita beer consumption has decreased 20 percent since the early 1990s, according to the Gallup survey in 2012.

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Ye Olde Scribe’s One of the WORST Beers in the World Award: Michelob Ultra

No pictures provided because the brewer doesn't deserve the promotion for barfing out this one!
No pictures provided because the brewer doesn’t deserve the promotion for barfing out this one!

Scribe understands why low carb is important. REALLY UNDERSTANDS. But couldn’t they find a flavor to pack into this? Looks: if Scribe went to the Doc and a urine sample looking like this was taken the doc would be concerned. Almost nothing to it. Ah, clarity isn’t everything.

Get it in your mouth and, “Eh? What’s wrong with your water here, bartender?” Yup less substantial than some H20 and annoying as hell.

Taste? ARE YOU KIDDING?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Not much about not much. except water is probably a better choice.

Once upon a road trip Scribe visited a friend in Tennessee. You know him: writes for this site. Living near the Cumberland River and having just been jogging Scribe took a drink and immediately spit it out.

Better than Ultra.