A Beer-y Good Story

Beer-y   “Very,” or “Beer-y,” good?
 Well, in such things perspective matters, So we shall see, but as with all things in life it’s the adventure.
  My readers may notice fewer Brew Biz columns, and fewer Beer Judge columns in the future. The reason is simple: I was diagnosed as diabetic recently, not so recently, and somewhere in the middle.
  Let’s just say that with today’s health care system communication royally sucks sometimes. And this started long before the much ranted about “Obamacare.” With business money crunchers hovering over doctors I’ve noticed way too many less than desirable changes over the years. Getting rid of result lines via the phone, severely limiting access to your doc, limiting how much time one can spend with your GP… all just a few symptoms. The real problem with the mislabeled Obamacare is it’s still the same old bad actors reluctantly giving, often denying. Should be called “corporate care 2.0.”
 Yes, this started long before 2 years ago when I found open sores on my feet. But let’s start there. Continue reading “A Beer-y Good Story”