A Beer Judge’s Diary: The Old Forge Old Ale Competition, Part 1

Courtesy http://weeklyadk.com
Courtesy http://weeklyadk.com
As with any adventure in life, there’s always a background story…
By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
 I started liking: really “liking,” beer in late 1972 when my first college friend, Dave, brought me to a bar with dark beer. It was probably mostly food coloring, but I think it was an ale. Or was it Dave sharing his love for Genny Bock? A lager, but more malt, and a hint more malt complexity. For the time? A lot. Remember this was a time when Bud-like beer really was king, and almost every brewer on the east coast was generally doing what now would be considered almost a clone of Bud, Miller, Schaefer… With recipe changes even Ballantine was fading into yet another, “So what?”
 When I got married in my hometown at Big Moose Chapel my father-in-law had them bring in Heinekin Dark. For the Central Adirondacks: especially Big Moose, this was real exotic. By the time I went home again I found out the Big Moose bars had started stocking Heineken Dark. Even compared with the rest of the Adirondacks, the Central Adirondacks always seemed to have been a tad slow to bring in what we now call “craft beer.” And homebrew? Well, even these days I’ve had to go to Watertown or Syracuse for supplies.
 So I decided to start a competition.
 Location was problematic. I thought at first we’d do it in Beaver River: bring them down the reservoir in style on the Norridgewock Riverboat, stay at my cabin and the local hotel or motel. We’re a tiny community with no roads going to it on the eastern end of the Stillwater Reservoir. What an adventure! Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: The Old Forge Old Ale Competition, Part 1”

Green Pints at Asher Brewing Company

Asher - Pints

Written by Franz Hofer for Tempest in a Tankard

Every night is Green Drinks Night at Asher’s all-organic brewery and taproom in Boulder, Colorado.


Probably not, though you should be.

In a town with as progressive a reputation as Boulder has, you’d be forgiven for expecting to find a handful of all-organic breweries.


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