Biotech yeast company to open Asheville lab, hire 65

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Chris White, founder of White Labs, a San Diego-based

ASHEVILLE – Executives of a California biotech company that makes yeast for alcoholic drinks plan to open a 26,000-square-foot combination laboratory and tasting room on South Charlotte Street.

The San Diego-based White Labs will hire 65 people and invest $8.1 million in the facility during the next five years, Chris White, the company’s founder, president and CEO, said Thursday.

“We’re excited. We hope to add to Asheville’s community of craft (beer) brewing,” White said.

The Asheville Brewers Alliance boasts 36 member organizations.

Wages for White Labs jobs will range from about $15 an hour for shipping and tasting-room positions to roughly $60,000 a year for microbiologists, White said.

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The “Against Hoppy Beer” Debate: A Whine That’s Aging VERY Badly

TPFFor reasons known only to God and the little man in Nebraska who runs the internet, a post from 2013, from one of my favorite general interest websites,, suddenly rose from the dead and dragged its putrid corpse back into wide readership. The post  –  entitled “Against Hoppy Beer: The craft beer industry’s love affair with hops is alienating people who don’t like bitter brews.” (and which seems to have another sub-head, contained in the link: hoppy beer is awful or at least its bitterness is ruining craft beer’s reputation“) was written by a woman named Adrienne So, a young writer from Portland, Oregon, who appears to be about 30-something and whose Slate oeuvre consists of two articles on beer, out of maybe 20 total. She writes about a wide range of subjects and, as her resume says, “pitches” articles to a list of editors, which basically means that, when she gets something to say, she uses it as a way to get assignments. And, of course, the way that the publications gauge the effectiveness of a writer is to count the number of clicks and/or page hits that the post generates.

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