Cigar City vs. AB: An Open Letter to Joey Redner

PGA Note- according to brewer Wayne Wambles they are “not selling.”


Dear Joey,

In helping run for three years, I had a lot of opportunity to experience CCBC’s beers and to talk with you and your staff about how to get Cigar City out to all the millions of people who wanted some. I found my dealings with everyone there to be refreshingly direct and BS-free and, of course, the beers were just to die for. For my birthday in 2010, my boss flew to Tampa and brought me back a case of assorted CCBC stuff, which remains one of the top three gifts I’ve ever received. All of that is why I’m writing you today.

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Bill allows beer tasting for 18-year-old students

Bill Ketron

MURFREESBORO – An 18-year-old will be able to taste but not swallow beer in a college beer manufacturing class if a bill sponsored by Sen. Bill Ketron becomes law.

“You cannot consume it,” Ketron said during a phone interview.

The Republican senator from Murfreesboro is also known for his legislation that will enable grocery stores to sell wine if municipal referendums pass, such as voters in Murfreesboro and Smyrna approving them in November.

In addition to Ketron’s support, state Rep. Steve McManus, a Republican from Cordova in the Memphis area, is also sponsoring the legislation pertaining to beer tasting.

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