The Culture of EXTREME Beer


Written by Tom Becham

Let me put this out there immediately: I like extreme beer. I enjoy the spirit of experimentation that results in high levels of alcohol, extremely bitter, sweet or sour flavors, unusual ingredients, or anything else that stretches the definition of beer. It shows the ingenuity and versatility of a brewer, and can be an adventure.

That being said, I also feel that Americans being who we are, extreme beer has the potential to get way out of hand. This is, after all, the land of “bigger, better, faster, louder, more”. One can walk into a grocery store, and find several dozen products which have artificial strawberry flavoring that is easily 40 times more intense than actual strawberries. The danger in this country is that extreme beer could relegate some subtler, yet quite delicious, older beer styles to the scrap heap of history. Continue reading “The Culture of EXTREME Beer”

18 Overrated Beers

18 Overrated Beers

I take very seriously my role as the Lone Listicler, keeping my own counsel and avoiding the corrupting influences of scuttlebutt and daylight to provide the Beer Internet with its only fair and accurate source of rankings, slander, and bullshit. But I was nervous about this compilation of overrated beers, so I broke down and sought nominations from Twitter, my wife’s coworkers, and various other rubes and rummies who may or may not know the first goddamn thing about the listicular arts.

My cowardice was duly punished, because although I got a lot of good ideas, I also noticed a lot of consensus, which is antithetical to the very concept of overrated-ness. If everyone thinks a certain beer gets more credit than it deserves, then who’s doling out this phantom credit? So we need to arrive at some rough definition of “overrated,” which means this is going to be an abject shitshow.

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